Terms and Conditions

1. Validity - You can check validity of SIM at the case after

2. Observance - Company provides customers who subscribed with
  the right to use service only. Customers could not do
  sell or rent to others at its pleasure.
- Customers should provide requested private
  information and a photocopy of passport.
- Customers should use service according to
  Korean law and appropriately.

3. Rental Service - This Services can be use only Data Service by your
  mobile phone in The Republic of Korea.
- In order to use service, customer should put travelers
  USIM into phone.
- Customers should unlock “country lock” to use service. - Service would not be provided to some phones not
  supporting WCDMA.

4. Failure to perform - Company would not provide service and cancel it
  without any notice in case customers’ information is
  false or service is used for illegal purpose.

5. Cancellation / Refund - Service could not be cancelled after authentication. - Customer should contact the shop to have refun
  before authentication.

6. Termination - Service would be provided only during the terms of
  validity. Service could be terminated without notice
  after validity.

7. General - This SIM would not work out of Republic of Korea.